From Patients to Property

Nov 14, 2017 at 17:51

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In 2014, Dr Tim Percival and Dr Klare Davis were working in jobs, with the NHS in Bristol. Today, just 3 years later, they have a multi-million pound property business and more time to spend with their 3 young children. 

How did they make this shift from salaried employees to property millionaires, so quickly?

Tim recalls, “My wife and I were both working as General Practitioners - and the NHS system was at breaking point. It was an incredibly stressful time - we were waking up in the morning not wanting to go to work, and I just thought… there must be something else.”

“I was given Simon Zutshi’s book, “Property Magic”. I picked it up, read it, and decided I had to get trained and learn how to invest properly. I went to the Bristol Property Investor Network (PIN) meeting in January, and in April I joined Simon’s 3 day Mastermind Accelerator course."

“The Mastermind Accelerator completely changed my thinking. I was skeptical going in, but I realised what  a great community it is. I knew that the only way to be successful quickly, was to surround myself with successful people, and I went on to do the year long Mastermind program with Simon.”

Putting the strategies they learned to work, the two worked together to start buying properties. Without any previous experience in property investment, in 18 months Tim and Klare reached financial freedom.

Today they own 16 properties with over 100 rooms to rent, worth around £5.5 Million , and an average return on investment of 31%. 

Part of their success has come from using the Wealth Dynamics for Real Estate Investors, a profiling system that has been co-created by Simon Zutshi and social entrepreneur and futurist Roger James Hamilton. It shows the 8 different strategies to Real Estate investing based on your personal profile  “My wife is a lord and I’m a trader - she’s brilliant at logistics, and I’m much better at the front of house stuff - we work really well as a team utilising our strengths”

“We did Wealth Dynamics for Real Estate Investors, as a part of the Mastermind program, and it all made sense to me. Now when we take staff on we always get them to take the profile test, so that we know how they fit into the team."

Tim and Klare have made the paradigm shift of realising that making money doesn’t have to feel like hard work if you’re loving what you do.


“I always thought work wasn’t something you could enjoy. Now I wake up in the morning and I’m doing it because I want to do it - and anyone can do this. Its one of the reasons I now teach on Simon's 3-day course, 5 times a year.”

Now Tim and Klare are looking at what they want to do next. 

“We’re trying to systematize things and step up to blue level so we can spend more time with our kids and doing bigger projects”.

Are you stuck in a job you’re not enjoying?

How can you free up time in your life to spend time with those thinking differently?